The Bot Pees on the Fruit

While on a conversation with a friend on the web, I get a link of Google maps. I open it to find something really funny.

We have seen the android bot on many of the apps and pages all over the web, doing various things like holding a board displaying an app name, or just peeping in. But what I found on the map was something I’ve never seen the Bot do. I saw the bot do a very human act. At the same time, something yuck! Continue reading

Irony of Indian Religion

33 Crore Gods to respect for, with no respect given the things that actually deserve it. Animals. Do we really?

ElephantThis is the god we start all our festivals with. The god that many love, And the Real form of this god, we don’t respect. Technically you may point out that Ganesh is not Worshiped as the elephant god. It’s a Human body with an elephant head. But then it is personified as an elephant in a lot of versions. Kids are shown elephants and told that it is lord ganesh. And the sadness is at the temples where Elephants are kept ‘enslaved’ to ‘Bless’. Humans cursing the life of elephants to be blessed by the same creature. This is Irony!

Do these people pray to god seeking blessings for the elephants that are enslaved? Do they pray for wildlife? No! They pray for their own self, families and many other problems They face. No the elephants or any animals for that matter.

God was right all along!


“One could perhaps describe the situation by saying that God is a mathematician of a very high order, and He used very advanced mathematics in constructing the universe” – Paul Dirac.

Reading through this quote I always wonder if this idea of god being a mathematician is true. It kind of makes me give up the idea that if god did exist, he was the ‘supreme being who watched all of us and governed the universe’. I just wonder if God was a mathematician, does the picture actually work?

Religious people believe that holy scriptures is the word of God himself and there is no denying it, even though there are a lot of them scriptures. So what can you actually pick from this when it does not make sense? Continue reading

Quote of the Century : Gravity Does not Exist in Space

I was in 8th grade when I was taught and even Understood gravity. Hence no man claiming to have no college education can even think of such a line. If he does, then it is just stupid. 

Yes string theory, Quantum Mechanics are hard to understand without college education. Hell, It is even hard to understand after many college degrees. But gravity? Not even General Relativity. Just plain and simple gravity. Really? 

A while ago Ray Comfort Puts this up :

Continue reading

Where do you belong? What are you?

Types of Beliefs

agnosticDuring the first few days of being a non-believer, or should I say, the transition state, I was very much confused between “What was the difference between an Agnostic and an Atheist”. Also, the social beliefs of these terms were totally misleading. Thus it took me a while to realize I was an Atheist and not just an Agnostic. But then you realize, agnostic is just a tunnel from belief to disbelief. Thus Giving rise to terms like Agnostic Theist, Agnostic Atheist, etc. Like I did not have enough in physics to confuse myself with. Thus, here is a small picture representation of what actually they mean, and you can fit yourself in one of these categories.  Continue reading

Immortal is your name, your work.

During the early days of my blog inspired by the movie Troy, I wrote this Blog Post on Immortality. That was the moment when I cleared my Ideas in immortality. I moved from the bubble that included the though ‘Living forever’ to the bubble that had ‘Making your Name and Work Survive for Forever’. This Picture says it well.
immortals Continue reading

Agnostic Quantum Mechanics

agnosticThe moment you see Agnostic in the title, and going by many of my pasts posts, this may seem like a post relating to God and Quantum Mechanics. Well, to stir things up a little bit, You do not know it’s not about God, nor do you know it’s about God. And there we go. First step into quantum mechanics, Uncertainty.  Continue reading

What if..? It was all fiction?

MahabharatTVAs a child I always asked why does Ramayana (TV Series) and Mahabharata (Again, TV Series) end happily like movies? What happens to Rama and Sita after they return to Ayodhya? What about the Pandavas? Why does it have to be a Happy ending always? And I was about 11 back then. These were the question I had since childhood. This was the root of the tree of thoughts I had to grow in my mind to reach the stage where I am now. But it does not end there. Every now and then, I look for people who speak of Continue reading

Go to Hell!!!

GoToHellI would surely love to go to hell with these people, god or no god. I would trade life with so many of these people than a life in heaven with god who would otherwise be busy laughing at prayers. *Tsk*


An Intellectual Masturbation

ShipOfTheseus (4)

ShipofTheseusPosterThere I am on a regular day checking my twitter timeline, and there i find actor Anurag Kashyap‘s Tweet on the Movie ‘Ship of Theseus‘ . Not knowing what it was, I set out to Google the term and then Realized that it was a new movie, and I quote it again, An Indian Movie. The point of amazement was not something great. Being a watcher of Hindi cinemas, going by the recent movies that have been releasing, Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) had become more of a Lame, Boring, Money making machine where in actors were awarded large sums of money just to act in movies that in many cases Continue reading

Education (Science) : You are doing it wrong.

Science Wrong

It’s been long since my last blog post. After a year of break from studies where I studied a lot of cool stuffs over the internet, researched on various religious beliefs and watched a lot of TV series, I am finally back into the world of ‘School Going’. I joined M.Sc Physics at Jain University.

When I first joined Jain University, I noticed the syllabus had Continue reading