Killing in the Name of Religion

The above title brings in mind, the Attack on the world trade centre by the Al-Qaeda on Sept 11. But no; I’m not talking about 9/11. And then there are many to mention like the Indian 26/11, and a lots of other Bombings and Hijacks and Attacks. All in the name of Jihad and the idea of 72 Virgins as portrayed by media. But this blog is not to mention any of those events. Especially None by the Famous Terror Groups. This is about the smaller ones.

This post if on the General Layman’s perspective of how religion is a danger to his life without any terrorist group coming into his life.  Taking some examples from Indian History. There was the 2002 Godhra Train Burning. And the Riots that followed. I do not want to drag the matter here by telling my views on it. I do not take the side of the Innocent Hindu people who were burnt to death nor am I supporting the Muslims who burnt the Trailer of the Train. But just considering the events here for a list. Then there babri-masjid-demolitionwas the Babri Masjid Demolition in 1991, which is probably the root cause of all the anger in Indian Muslims. What the Muslims do not think of is the Demolition of various Temples by the Earlier Muslim Rules in India. But again, I am not taking the side of the Hindus nor the Muslims.  The Muslim rulers were successful in India because the Rajput asked for help from Babur to defeat the present Muslim leader of that time. They simply did not have the guts to fight on their own. And then this chain can go on and on. So this is a simple way to show the religious violence in India.

Taking from my place itself, in the past years there were some notorious Muslims who would dump Beef Bones and Fat in front of Ganesh Temples just a few days before Ganesh Chaturthi. And then The Hindus countered during Id. And it is obvious. You go to a religious person and tell him that his god is not true and you are sure to bring out the rage in him. And then there are reactions to your action. And then there also instances where two people fighting over religion like I mentioned in the same paragraph. And then one of them harms the other badly or kills the other. And then the news spread that the Hindu Killed the Muslim or the other way around and then there goes on fights between various religious gangs and groups, and ultimately the public suffers.

What we actually do not see here is someone would certainly harm you when you blame his religion. If you live in an area where all the people are of the same religion and you are a follower of different religion, then there are chances that people harass you and you get killed when you stand up to them. So you may get killed for being of a different religion when in conflict with a group of certain religion. So cross religion always kills. Now come to a place where you live in a society where you are of the same religion as others, yet if you fall into a conflict with some guy of the same religion as you follow, even then there is a chance of you getting killed.

So summing it all up, you being in a different religion gets you killed in an argument, you being in the same religion also gets you killed in an argument. Thus all this anger on various religions is in vain.

No body kills you for not being an Atheist. You only get killed for not being Religious

And you might have an idea that it’s not the religion, its pride. Well, If I tell a person that he is Ugly, or Boring, and If I say his religion is not a real one, I am sure I will be beaten up for the second sentence more than I would be for the first. It certainly is pride, but it’s the pride for their religion that can get me killed. But you will never have heard a person being killed for being of the same religion as the killer. In that case, the headlines would be Brother Kills 2 over Land Dispute or something else. Then why kill someone over religion? Like if you have an atheist and a Hindu in a conflict, and the Hindu comments on Atheist for not being under some religion, the atheist would probably feel good about it rather than fight.  I don’t completely say Athesits will not react, but they will react less that the religious one in a case vice-versa.

Children need to be Literates not Religious. Teach them ABCD first, and then Ram and Allah.

And about the Babri Masjid Demolition. Even If Ram was actually born there, or even if he was not, Now that the land is in Dispute, why can’t the Hindu and Muslim people of the area join together and build a school there? Why not educate some of the less educated in the society? Has this idea never got into people’s minds? Even if they do build a temple over there? What is it going to prove? Nothing. Hindus just have one more temple to visit and worship, may be spend a lot more during Dusserah and burn toxic crackers and pollute the environment. Instead if a school is built there, would that not do good for the future generation? If not a school, a park, name it Ram Rahim Park that would please both religions, unless the notorious humans (apparently Muslims in this case) say Rahim should come before Ram. And then the Religious Humans (Hindus in this case) go against the idea and there is another dispute in the country. United Nations has also declared that “India has highest illiterate adults”. We would be a developed nation if all are literates and not if all are Hindus or Muslims or Religious for that matter. Pray at home; and dedicate the site for the Kids.

So in a way, same or different, if it’s religious, it kills. Drain out the excess religion from the mind, and then we are all Peaceful Human beings. No matter who is the President, who the Prime Minister, No one can fix this issue for the country but the entire population.

Update: Take a look at this Wikipedia Image on the Literacy Rates in the Regions of India. Ayodhya and places around it fall in between 50-60% Literacy. So what would benefit the people more? A Temple or a School? People, this is the Time to Decide. Wiki Image

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