Quote of the Century : Gravity Does not Exist in Space

I was in 8th grade when I was taught and even Understood gravity. Hence no man claiming to have no college education can even think of such a line. If he does, then it is just stupid. 

Yes string theory, Quantum Mechanics are hard to understand without college education. Hell, It is even hard to understand after many college degrees. But gravity? Not even General Relativity. Just plain and simple gravity. Really? 

A while ago Ray Comfort Puts this up :

Thanks to Freedom of speech and freedom to crap on your social space, He could put this up and so could I put this post up. But then when people point out how deep a grave he has dug for himself, He comes up with this :

Ok. People learn from mistakes. Yes. He too did. For 2 paragraphs and then went on to prove the Indian Proverb ‘A Dog’s Tail is Never Straight’. When general relativity is not involved, I don’t think you need Yale University to tell you about gravity! He could just read High School Text Books.

Even Isaac Newton was a theologian. He studied the bible. Yet he did not end up such dumb thoughts. Get Educated with Reason and Science and then Jump into religion. Like newton did. He got into religion only after he had solved gravity, invented calculus and giving us numerous theories. So get your facts right before you get into religion.

If god exists then I believe this guy was given birth by god just to mess with the Atheists. 

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